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Winkler&Winkler: BURNS

Winkler&Winkler: BURNS

Tenor Andreas Winkler and guitarist Michael Winkler have been making music together for over ten years. From the beginning, the two classically trained musicians have been inspired by Irish and Scottish folk music. In the past years of their collaboration, the artists have already produced two albums with numerous cover versions of the best-known songs and ballads from the British Isles. Their very own readings and interpretations have always taken centre stage. The new and fresh approach to these tradition-rich songs has been widely praised by the trade press and has won the duo a loyal following. Now it was time to go a step further and enrich the Celtic oeuvre with their own compositions.
The inspiring texts and poems of the Scottish national poet Robert Burns were at the centre of the musical considerations from the very beginning. Stylistically, the newly composed works are oriented towards the Scottish music of the second half of the 19th century. The period in which Robert Burns lived. It was important to the musicians to take this music as a basis and to translate it into today's time. The songs sing of difficult times in the life of the erratic poet prince, who had to leave his beloved homeland. Lost loves, lifelong friendships and the wonderful Scottish landscapes are repeatedly the focus of the trenchant and accomplished lyrics of this Scottish legend. Two poems with the content of Freemasonry do justice to the intense lodge life of Robert Burns and round off the comprehensive view of his life and work.

prize: 25 CHF

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 1. My Heart’s In The Highlands I Michael Winkler

2. My Nanie, O I Andreas Winkler

3. Will Ye Go To The Indies, My Mary I Andreas Winkler

4. The Birks Of Aberfeldy I Andreas Winkler

5. My Highland Lassie, O I Andreas Winkler

6. May Whistle O’er The Lave O`t I Andreas Winkler

7. Comin’ Thro’ The Rye I Michael Winkler

8. The Gowden Locks Of Anna I Andreas Winkler

9. The Young Highland Rover I Andreas Winkler

10. Winter: A Dirge I Andreas Winkler

11. John Barleycorn I Andreas Winkler

12. My Love Is Like A Red, Red Rose I Robert Burns

13. A Man’s A Man For A’ That I Robert Burns

14. The Farewell I Andreas Winkler


Recording, Editing and Mixing by Simon Brändli Zürich, Mastering by UrsLee Recorded at the Cementery Chapel Uster December 2022


Graphic Design by Karin Birkenmeier and Simon Brändli (Image Montage Cover)


Andreas Winkler: Vocals and Most Compositions

Michael Winkler: Classical Guitar, Steelstring Guitar, E-Bass and all Guitar Arrangements

Production by Andreas & Michael Winkler www.eosguitarquartet.com eos 234200-18