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Michael Winkler plays Francisco Tárrega

Michael Winkler plays Francisco Tárrega



When I heard Francisco Tárrega's music for the first time as a teenager, I was immediately spellbound. I was in love with his melodies, his harmonies and the elegance of his waltzes. This music was a perfect match for the guitar and my attitude to life at that time. I played the pieces at every opportunity. They were, so to speak, "my" pieces. A few years later, I lost interest in this music and discovered the polyphony, the music of Dowland and Bach. For over 35 years Tárregas works remained untouched until I rediscovered them. 

In 2019, I felt the need to take up his compositions again, to rediscover the music and to venture a new interpretation with more mature point of view. It has not become a historically inspired recording. The guitar, built in 2018 by the German guitar builder Thomas Eichert, has a modern and clear sound and is far away from the dark sound of a Torres guitar like the one Tárrega used. I have interpreted many pieces more slenderly and rhythmically tighter than at that time, but I have also taken more time where necessary. In addition, I wanted to make this recording with na- tural acoustics. The beautiful surround sound of the chapel supported my joy of playing and stimulated my creati- vity. 

Here, I have recorded my favourite and at the same time the most important of his original compositions. Partly they are also only very short pieces which I still find just as charming as back then. I hope you feel the same way. Sincerely, Michael Winkler 

25 CHF

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  1. Danza Mora  

 2. Las Dos Hermanitas (2 Valses) 

 3. Recuerdos de la Alhambra 

 4. Capricho árabe (Serenata) 

 5. Estudio en forma de Minueto  

 6. La Alborada, (Capricho) 

 7. Mazurka (en Sol) 

 8. Tango María

 9. El Columpio 

10. Isabel (Vals) 

11. Marieta (Mazurka)

12. María (Gavota) 

13. Adelita (Mazurka) 

14. Lágrima (Preludio) 

15. Minueto  

16. Pavana  

17. Sueño (Mazurka) 

18. Endecha (Preludio) 

19. Rosita (Polka) 

20. Preludio No.1  

21. Vals (en Re) 

22. Preludio No.2  

23. Gran Vals  

24. Oremus (Preludio) 

Total Time  55:49