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Murat Cevik & David Sautter - The Wonderful World of Nino Rota

Murat Cevik & David Sautter - The Wonderful World of Nino Rota

The Wonderful World of Nino Rota  eos 234200-17

Murat Cevik, Flutes und David Sautter, Guitar

The Wonderful World of Nino Rota

Cinema enthusiasts all over the world will have no difficulty recalling some of the wonderfully circus-like melodies of Federico Fellini's films. The suggestive power of this music is irresistible, and made its composer Nino Rota (1911-1979) an instant classic.
But Rota not only left his mark on the soundtrack of over one hundred and fifty films, he also left behind a multitude of other pieces: Operas, symphonies, concertos for orchestra and various solo instruments, and chamber music - all of the highest quality. A never-ending wealth of ideas and deep emotionality can be regarded as the common denominator in Rota's highly individual work.
The many Rota interpretations and arrangements are joined by a very special line-up in this recording. The musicians David Sautter (arrangements, guitar) and Murat Cevik (flute) have put together 23 little-known pieces and "gutter hits". Rota's compositions appear to only have been waiting for the congenial performance of these two instrumentalists: the feather-light, sparkling, sometimes darker playing of Murat's flute, and David's guitar, which sets the beat and suddenly starts swinging.
The excerpts from the "15 preludi per Pianoforte" form the enchanting prelude - flute and guitar in dialogue, dancing on the high wire -, followed by a musical bouquet in all its colourful facets until the concluding "Notti di Cabiria"; here the duo casually lives out its jazz affinity and harmoniously rounds off the homage.

Jürg Fischer

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Aus 15 preludi
1 Preludio 2
2 Preludio 4
3 Preludio 5
4 Preludio 6
5 Preludio 12
6 Preludio 13

7 Amarcord

Sette pezzi per bambini

8 Salti e giochi
9 Capriccio
10 Cantilena
11 Le scalette
12 Grillo notturno
13 Puccettino nella giungla
14 L’acrobata

Tre pezzi
15 Vecchia romanza
16 Il mulino
17 Vecchio carillon

Cinque pezzi facili
18 La passeggiata di Puccettino
19 Serenata
20 Pavana
21 La chioccia
22 Il soldatino

23 Le notti di Cabiria