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«midlife» - compositions for guitar

«midlife» - compositions for guitar

Michael Winkler (guitars) plays his own works

eos guitar edtion, 1991
Art.Nr: eos

25 CHF

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01             More Bowmore                                 
02             Hey Joe, dont stop Sir Duke and Layla smoking on the water and listen to J.S.on Radio Gaga, til here comes the sun                  
03             Ip in Bali                                          
04             Immer wieder Ananas                        
05             Microblues                                        
06             Esos dias tristes                                                                     
07             Omas Garten (Shortstories)                                                 
08             Amors Herzschlag (Shortstories)                                       
09             Der Lautenspieler (Shortstories)                                          
10             Nasses Brot (Shortstories)                                           
11             Samuel’s Sleeplessness                    
12             Im Auge des Zyklon