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I Cantimbanchi - «Imagine del cuor»

I Cantimbanchi - «Imagine del cuor»

Neapolitan villanelles and other Neapolitan songs from the 16th to 18th centuries with music by Domenico Scarlatti and improvisations.

Letizia Fiorenza (voc,perc)
David Sautter (git, arrangements)

eos guitar edtion
eos 234 200-3

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01             Ricciulina
02             Li ffigliole
03             Si tu enna
04             Vulumbrella
05             Vurria addeventare suricillo
06             In galera li panettioeri
07             Le Spingole grangese
08             Sonata e-Moll/K 292 «Allegro» - Domenico Scarlatti
09             Vurria ca fosse ciaola
10             Sonata A-Dur/K 208 «Andante cantabile» - Domenico Scarlatti
11             Sonata A-Dur/K 209 «Allegro» - Domenico Scarlatti
12             So li ssorbe e le nespole amare - Leonardo Vinci
13             Mmare è nata na scarola
14             Canto delle lavandaie
15             Palummella


Real folk singing is above all a representation of an inner world,” writes the great musician and musicologist Roberto de Simone in his work “La Tradizione in Campania”. The words of the songs present a stark contrast to the beautiful melodies. The light and soothing tones conceal hurt feelings, anger and disappointment, as well as unquenchable desires, forlornness in the face of one’s own passion and the wish to be swallowed up within this very passion.
Letizia Fiorenza and David Sautter have been researching and working with the richness of the folk music heritage of southern Italy for the past 18 years and these songs have had a place in their hearts since the beginning of their musical collaboration. The songs are a reflection of their own feelings and desires and lend an audible form to their inner emotions. The phrase “Imagine del cuor”, according to Michelangelo, refers to a picture in one’s heart that is given expression through music.
The music by Domenico Scarlatti, originally composed for the harpsichord, as well as guitar improvisations, supplement, connect and carry over the universal elements of these old songs into the present.